International Rover Week at Kandersteg International Scout Centre

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This year, the World Scout Centre in Switzerland will host the 5th Annual International Rover Week: The Alpine Link to the World Scout Jamboree. From the 28th of July to the 8th of August 2015, we will bring Rovers from around the world together to celebrate Scouting in a week of activities in the Swiss Alps. Rovers will live as an international crew, sharing their songs, traditions and best recipes, while we look after the food, tents and supplies, and activities.


The week will take them to our beautiful glacial lake, up to our Swiss Mountain Hut, down to the local pool to relax and will include our August 1st Celebrations! On this day, we celebrate Scouting Founders Day and Swiss National Day with a carnival with over 1,000 Scouts from around the world.


The cost of the week is CHF 400 Swiss Francs and is open to all Rovers aged 18-30 years old who is registered with a WOSM or WAGGGS registered association.


What we were hoping is that you would consider sending out some form of information about this event to your members. If you would send out an e-mail, share us on Facebook or Twitter, or even better, include us on your website or your national magazine, we can provide all of the necessary materials, making this as easy as possible for you.


Please visit the website for the event here, and thank you again for supporting International Scouting.


Yours in Scouting,

Sean M. Fahey (IE)
PR & Marketing Assistant

Kandersteg International Scout Centre

Wagetiweg 7


Kandersteg – Switzerland

Tel: +41-33-675-8282



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